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Partial water changes are a better way to go to get rid of ammonia. If that is the problem. You might be cycling the tank over but the plants should help take care of a lot of the ammonia and nitrite. You might be severely overstocked and the plants and bacteria cannot keep up with the ammonia consumption. Ammolock and other chemicals will not get rid of ammonia but will change them into less toxic material. They are still in the tank and could change back if certain conditions occur. so it is best to get rid of excess ammonia.
Fish hiding is an indication of ammonia poisoning. Please check and if needed
add Ammolock or equivalent.

I have seen this many times of filter failure in my non planted tanks. After
addition of Ammolock the fish resume normal behavior after 10-15 minutes.


>I have a 65 gallon heavily planted tank that I recently did a major overhaul
>on by removing most of the plants and replanting some of them. It is still
>heavily planted at this moment. After my invasive tearing out and
>replanting, the fish in the tank all hide behind the plants and driftwood in
>the back of the tank and will not swim around. They are rummynose tetras and
>zebra danios. They won't eat anymore even after I leave the room and they
>are alone.

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