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[APD] scared fish

I have a 65 gallon heavily planted tank that I recently did a major overhaul
on by removing most of the plants and replanting some of them. It is still
heavily planted at this moment. After my invasive tearing out and
replanting, the fish in the tank all hide behind the plants and driftwood in
the back of the tank and will not swim around. They are rummynose tetras and
zebra danios. They won't eat anymore even after I leave the room and they
are alone.

It's hard to say how many are still there but I can see most of them by
peering in on different angles. Its been about two weeks now and they are
not showing any differences in behavior or any signs of getting over the
remodeling. The ottos are the only species that don't seem affected.

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this behavior or if anyone had
any suggestions?

Thanks very much for anybodies help.
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