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Well I could, however the idea is to have some live plants in the turtle 
tank instead of the fake ones. I had never gave it any serious thought 
because I always just assumed he (the turtle) would eat any and all live 
plants. But after I saw him not eat cabbage and a few other things the 
idea popped in my head that there might be some aquatic plants that just 
give off the wrong smell or something and he might not eat it.

Thanks for the reply though. I'll keep looking.
Plants that come to mind are thee Crinum lilies,(underwater onions) that fish dislike to eat so turtles might be affected also. You might also try Java moss as this is used in many tanks with good results. It might be that you will just have to try many different kinds of plants to find the ones that your turtles do not eat. Hopefully you will find these fast and not have to go through many.   

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