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[APD] 2008 AGA Aquatic Gardeners Convention

We are proud to announce that the 2008 AGA Aquatic Gardeners Convention will be held the weekend of November 14-16th 2008, at the Atlanta Sheraton, within walking distance of the Atlanta Aquarium. 

Takashi Amano is making his third appearance at an AGA convention, including both a lecture and aquascaping demo. Professor Benito Tan will be speaking on aquatic mosses. Professor Michael Kane will be discussing Tissue Culture for the aquarist. Jeff Senske will speak on space/design and the aquarium, which will interest even the non-aquarist. Greg Morin, president of Seachem, returns for the first time since 2001. Finally, Karen Randall will have a banquet presentation on her recent collecting trip to Thailand. There's more -- Check out details at 

Scott Hieber
Dorbert Muckle
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