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Re: [APD] Tank lighting options

On May 31, 2008, at 9:00 AM, aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:

> I also have a few nano tanks, few 10 gallons, and a 20 gallon so  
> far. I
> bought a chrome adjustable 5 shelf, 6' tall X 4' wide X 18" deep  
> Bakers rack
> from Target

I keep all of my tanks on intermetro shelving systems, but they're a  
little differently set up--the smaller tanks are on taller but smaller  
racks, three shelves high, and the larger tanks are on their own carts  
on the top rack.  I am looking for a lighting setup for the tanks on  
the grouped shelves, so I want the solution to be tank by tank, rather  
than for a whole wide shelf at once; I don't really have the space to  
set up a tall wide fish rack in my present place, which has walls of  
windows where tanks can't go.

Diane in Los Angeles


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