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Re: [APD] Dosing CaSo4

Jamie Johnson wrote:
>> What is the danger of adding too much SO4 to a tank ? Philippe
> CaSO4 is 29% Ca, so for every 20 ppm of Ca added, you're adding 48 ppm
> of SO4. 20 ppm Ca is a decent level and will give about 2.8 dH Ca. The
> SO4 levels in my tanks get much higher (150-200 ppm, maybe higher) from
> the MgSO4 and K2SO4 I use. Never have had any issues with it.
> Jamie <"///><

Thanks for the info !

In fact, I only add MgSO4 as the tap water only contains Ca...

I was wondering about the excess or lack of SO4 !


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