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[APD] Pond Waterfall Question

I have a preformed pond in my yard, 185 gallons, I bought it 11 years ago, my 
pond plants love it, as do the neighborhood toads, and I put mollies in it in 
the summer to control mosquitos and algae. I also have a waterfall, a cheap 
fiberglass type, a pump in the pond pumps the water through a hose to the top 
of the falls, the waterfall is hollow in back, has 3 tiers, is gray, the water 
spills into the top, to the middle, then the bottom and back into the pond. I 
surrounded it with sandstone to soften it's look and support it.
The top tier developed a leak last year, probably from the water stream 
hitting it for 10 years. I patched it with silicon and put a small rock in to 
soften the blow of the water, but I'd like to just replace the whole thing. The 
problem is, I bought this while my late wife was dying, and I can't for the life 
of me remember where I got it from, I originally put it in because she was 
going to meditate beside it. I do remember that the pond was delivered, as I 
later got a $185 delivery charge which was a surprise and I remember it arriving 
by truck, I think the waterfall was delivered too, but I can't find any records 
of where I got either from, and I can't find the waterfall on the web. I'm 
thinking I must have originally ordered it off the web in 1997.
Anyway, does anyone know what I'm describing and where I might get one from? 
I've seen some more elaborate ones on the web but they run between $500 and 
$1k, a little too rich for me. Thanks.

Gerry Skau
All The World's A Stage, But The Play Is Badly Cast---Oscar Wilde

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