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Re: [APD] peat pots

>>Hi Robert,
Thanks for the response. Here in Colorado Springs the water is quite
alkaline, and with the frequent water changes I do I'm not really
worried the peat pots could do much to the pH. My pH test kit only
goes as high as 7.6, and it's never registered that low. The local
fish store people tell me the pH is probably higher than 8.
As for dead spots in the gravel, I guess I'm not too worried about
that either, since I've only got about a 1/2" of gravel, and the peat
pots are therefore mostly "above ground" as it were, with lots of
water circulating around them.<<

Then you really have nothing to worry about. Why peat pots instead of 
plastic or clay? If you are not burying the pots, why not use something more 
sturdy that will last? Many people use pots in the aquarium: Diana Walstad 
and a  few other people I know.  I even know some people that have a bare 
bottom tank with pots. Personaly, I do not like the asthetics of visable 
pots, but if it does not bother you, you can use virtually any kind of pot.

Best regards

Robert Paul Hudson
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