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[APD] Peat pots

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the response. Here in Colorado Springs the water is quite  
alkaline, and with the frequent water changes I do I'm not really  
worried the peat pots could do much to the pH. My pH test kit only  
goes as high as 7.6, and it's never registered that low. The local  
fish store people tell me the pH is probably higher than 8.

As for dead spots in the gravel, I guess I'm not too worried about  
that either, since I've only got about a 1/2" of gravel, and the peat  
pots are therefore mostly "above ground" as it were, with lots of  
water circulating around them.


On Apr 12, 2008, at 10:00 AM, aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:

>>> I've had peat pots in the tank since January (four months now) with
> no signs of decomposition or degradation. The pots are filled with
> Flourite  gravel.<<
> They will decompose eventually. It may be X number of months, a  
> year, or
> longer but eventually it will break down. Only a couple things will  
> happen:
> a) it will release acidic compounds that will affect your pH to  
> some extent,
> (at the  least making your substrate more acidic, and at the worst  
> making
> the water column more acidic)  B)  in the immediate area  
> surrounding the
> decomposing peat, oxygen will be cut off. The peat will turn black.  
> You will
> basically have a dead spot in the substrate.
> Best regards
> Robert Paul Hudson

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