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Re: [APD] BBA that I cannot shake

Hello all-
  Had quite an absence from these boards due to work issues, but have continued to follow the wonderful advice I have received here.  I'm having a big battle with BBA right now and haven't been able to figure out my limiting factor.  It's most pervasive on the flourite, but also on tank seals and slower growing plants.  Here are my parameters:
  65 gallon
  220 watts cf
  nitrate 10
  ph 6.6
  kh 7.0
  co2 approx. 52
  dosing EI...adding Flourish, Potassium, Nitrate and Phosphate, Calcium and Magnesium
  change 50% water 2x week
  Shouldn't a Co2 level that high blast that BBA out of there???

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