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[APD] Mystery swordplant

Two years ago I received a small swordplant in a trade. The plant was named Echinodorus sp Rio Sao Francisco (located in Eastern Brasil http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/so_am_map.php ). The plant grew well in my large aquarium and has produced a thick horizontal rhizome from which 3 small daughter plants grew. In January I separated the daughter plants from the adult plant and they have all grown well. The plant has short triangularly shaped petioles with long straplike leaves of an undulant nature and a light green colour that are 5-10cm wide and 50cm or so long. The leaves remain submersed and have a heavy mid vein from which several smaller veins diverge. Recently the mother plant sent up a very robust shoot from which a paniculate like group of floral brachs are now growing. I'm unsure as to what the plant's actual species is but I think it might be either E horemanii or E maior. If anyone can possibly identify this plant I'll be most happy.

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