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Re: [APD] Poor growth of Alternantheras

Dear Liz, thanks for your feedback
>Sounds like nitrogen deficiency to me.
I dose nitrate daily and the tests show 5-10ppm of NO3 in my tank. Is
that a deficiency?
>The tip off about the nitrogen deficiency is the ludwigia that is reddish.
My ludvigia was reddish even when my nitrate measured 25-30ppm...
What I am suspecting is maybe overdose of zinc, copper or boron? Does
anyone know the symptoms? I suspect this is because I made a premix of
iron gluconate with zinc, copper, manganese, boron and cobalt salts
but I was dosing this at a higher rate than usual to achieve stable
iron level of 0.05-0.1ppm. I now made a separate ferrous gluconate
solution without other traces so I'll try dosing this for some time to
see whether there be any improvement.
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