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Re: [APD] alternanthera troubles

Alternanthera reineckii is really the only Alternanthera specie suitable for 
the aquarium: suitable for submersed growth. Every other specie is really a 
terrestrial/bog type of plant and just will not grow well under water. A. 
sessilis is the most common example of this which is often sold as an 
aquatic  plant. There are several variations of reineckii and lilacina is 
one of them. Lilacina is one of the more difficult to grow A. reineckii 
species. It needs very bright  light and  grows extremely slowly. If you are 
nutrient difficient, the purple color is very  pale. High C02 levels make a 
difference with this plant.  You can read Tropica plants description  of it 
A reineckii var cardinalis or rosaefolia on the other hand is much easier to 
grow. I grow this plant under moderate light and sometimes without any C02 
added. I have found it  to be very dependent on nitrogen levels more than 
anything else.

Best regards

Robert Paul Hudson

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