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Re: [APD] Seachem and softer water

Seachem is good stuff in my experience.  I've used Flourite for 10
years and the various flourish products on and off.  I tend to use the
base chems now due to my auto-dosing and cost, but it requires more
effort and planning on my part.  In short, Seachem is a good company
and they seem to be fairly responsive to how the aquatic gardening
community has changed over the years.  (All IMHO).

You could add distilled water or some other filtered / bottled water
with a lower hardness to your regular water source to lower the
overall hardness of the two mixed water sources.

Others probably have much better ideas.  I live in a soft water area.

In Charlotte, with soft water.

> Are the Seachem products for plants nutrients any good. I always believed
> that Seachem was a reputable company with good products.
> Sorry newbie questions, does any one knows of a way to reduce the hardness
> of the water, beside the peat moss method?
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