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Re: [APD] Seachem

Robert wrote:
Are the Seachem products for plants nutrients any good. I always believed
that Seachem was a reputable company with good products.

Sorry newbie questions, does any one knows of a way to reduce the hardness
of the water, beside the peat moss method?
I have used SeaChem products for years and I believe they are very high quality. 
Many planted tank keepers use their Flourish line of products. I used to use their 
Flourish line myself, except that when I got into 200-300 gallon sized planted tanks, 
the cost ofthe Seachem line became a bit pricey for me due to the volume of liquid 
micros and macros I had to buy, so I started dosing dry micros and macros. But I 
still use Excel, Alkaline Buffer, and Acid Buffer regularly. I would use their line if 
my tank was smaller.

I just set up a reef tank, so I will be using some of their salt water products as well.

One way to reduce the hardness of your tap water is with a reverse osmosis unit. Most 
will remove 95-98% of dissolved minerals. My tapwater here in the Atlanta area is very 
soft, but I make RO/DI water for my reef tank, as we still have a good bit of phosphates 
in our water. I just bought a 100 gallon per day 5 stage RO/DI unit for $169. Let me 
know if you want the link for the RO unit. 

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