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[APD] More dosing

Based on what I have been reading on this list, I decided to go a tad 
more high tech with my plants.

I have started adding more premixed fertilizer (damn expensive stuff, 
really) to my tank and have noticed a remarkable improvement in a couple 
of my plants. the leaves have just flat out taken off and are growing 
like weeds.

This tells me that I either got too lax in my dosing, or was never 
dosing enough to begin with.

I think I'm going to try mixing my own blend and soon as I can find a 
good source of dry aquatic plant fertilizer. I'm past due for some new 
light bulbs too, now that I look at my records.

I may also go back to DIY CO2 as well.

Any good recommendations for replacement bulbs?
I use two 48" F40 lamps. One is a plant lamp, and another is a standard 
white lamp. I don't like the plant lamps as they seem harsh on the eyes. 
Maybe there is a better selection I have overlooked.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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