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[APD] Tanganyikan Planted Tanks


I have 6 juvenile Neolamprologus leleupi that are Oct. 2007 fry of my 4 year 
old adults. 4 Synodontis lucipinnis about 1 3/4" long, 1 Alto. compressiceps 
about 2" long, 2 female Ancistrus cats, 1 upside down Synodontis, and a pair 
of Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor in my tank. The Egyptian Mouthbrooders are 
in there to spawn and then I plan to take the female out to another tank to 
save the fry. My original parents died. I have two pairs left.

I have Cryptocoryne spiralis, C. moehlmannii, C. wendtii, C. undulata, Water 
Lettuce and Duckweed in mine. I use a 6:1 by volume KNO3 : KH2PO4 dry ferts 
about 1 tsp per week. I use Seachem Lake Tanganyika salts and Seachem Malawi 
Buffer. I also use Excel at 8 ml daily for the 38 gallon tank. I don't 
really do frequent water changes. Maybe monthly. Low light. Substrate is 
Seachem Onyx Sand mixed with finely sieved Carib Sea African Cichlid mix.

No CO2 currently. I have a Carbo Plus I haven't hooked up yet. I plan to 
plumb it into the outflow from my Eheim in a sort of CO2 reactor.

I have been thinking about adding about 4-6 juvenile N. buescheri but I am 
not too sure they will get along with the N. leleupi when they all mature. 
My 38 is a little small for 2 breeding pairs. I have been thinking of 
possibly adding Julidochromis regani "kipili" instead.

I am not concerned about using limestone rock in my tank because I want hard 
water. These rocks are really a Dolomitic limestone so they should add some 
Mg too besides the CaCO3.

How are you finding the Glutaraldehyde to work? Any pluses or minuses? I 
have read some stuff about it recently.

Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ

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>Set up in Dec 2007, those pics were taken just after it was set up.
>None taken lately cuz I got busy and skipped dosing for about a week,
>have a hair algae thing going on.  Getting better though.  Dosing is
>modified EI (since I don't wanna do big water changes with
>Tanganyikans) + glutaraldehyde (rather than Excel).  KH is about 12,
>working it up to 15 or so, don't really measure much else.

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