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Re: [APD] Image Hosting

Ack, looks like all the Flickr links have '@' symbols in them.
Difficult to share..  My user id on Flickr is 'megasycophant' if
anyone wants to check them out.

Yeah, rock piles are laying against the corners.  It's pumice, though,
so not very heavy.  (Though I've done similar things with limestone in
the past.)  Rocks also sit on a layer of styrofoam.  Substrate is
charcoal Soil Master Select (which FINALLY stopped sucking the
carbonates out of my water).

Set up in Dec 2007, those pics were taken just after it was set up.
None taken lately cuz I got busy and skipped dosing for about a week,
have a hair algae thing going on.  Getting better though.  Dosing is
modified EI (since I don't wanna do big water changes with
Tanganyikans) + glutaraldehyde (rather than Excel).  KH is about 12,
working it up to 15 or so, don't really measure much else.

Plants: various varieties of Java Fern, Java Moss, several crypts
(several wendtii spp, ciliata, balansae, some other small ones),
watersprite and duckweed (great friends which are about to go),
Hygrophila polysperma 'Sunset, Hygrophila corymbosa 'angustifolia',
Rotala, Ludwigia.  Thinking of ditching the Rotala cuz it's crawling
over my substrate. :-P

Fish: a pair of N caudopunctatus (had planned on getting some true
shellies, but ended up getting  from a friend, should be spawning in
the shells shortly), three N buescheri 'Zaire gold', 5 or 6
Variabilichromis moorii, 16 Cyprichromis leptosoma 'Utinta' (probably
lose a few after they mature and I figure out how many males I've
got), a solitary N tretocephalus, and a solitary A calvus 'Inkfin'.

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 6:51 PM, Jerry Smith <jerrytheplater at hotmail_com> wrote:
> Brian
>  I tried your link and it was broken. I searched Flicker and found your page.
>  Really nice tank. Did you just set it up in Dec. 2007? What fish and plants
>  do you have? It looks like you have some shellies in there.
>  Are your rocks touching the glass in the corners? It almost looks like they
>  are.
>  I tried to fix the link below in the copied information. I think the list
>  converts "@" to "at". At least if this link works, people can easily see the
>  album you created for your tank and click on it.
>  Jerry Smith
>  Bloomingdale, NJ
>  >To: "aquatic plants digest" <aquatic-plants at actwin_com> Subject: [APD]
>  >Image Hosting From: "BRiaN Forsythe" <megasycophant at gmail_com> Date:
>  >Fri, 21 Mar 2008 17:27:51 -0400
>  >Flickr is similar.. Here's the link to the Flickr slideshow for the
>  >initial setup of my 90g Tanganyikan, last December:
>  http://www.flickr.com/photos/70085517 at N00/      sets/72157603556405779/show/
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