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>>Any casual use of a general antibiotic is a bit overkill as it will
>>destroy any good bacteria in the tank and if not done correctly it could
>>cause the development of a antibiotic resistance strain of BGA.

Some would disagree with that.

Maracyn (erythromycin) has been used for a decade or longer to kill BGA with
no significant ill effects, although there have been a few reports of
resistance showing up in some places.  Naturally, it should be used in
accordance with the directions.  

>From what I've read, it does not have a significant impact on the "good"
bacteria. Ammonia levels have been known to rise after treatment, but that
is probably due to the decaying BGA, which temporarily overloads the
capacity of the bacteria to nitrify.  To be safe, water changes should be
made after the treatment is over.

I've used it about 10 times over the years with no ill effects on anything
but the BGA.


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