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[APD] Smallest planted tank?

I believe Richard J. Sexton wrote this email section below:

> Yeah I saw your article on nano tanks. What's smaller than nano? Femto?
> Where willl it all end?

deci 1x10-1, centi 1x10-2, milli 1x10-3, micro 1x10-6, nano 1x10-9, pico 
1x10-12, femto 1x10-15, atto 1x10-18, zepto 1x10-21, yocto 1x10-24

PFK's feature on a glass planted atto? tank is very small

You should see the size of the tank in this months magazine.
It measures ~2" long in its longest dimension...

It will not break the Internet if people change the subject title from time 
to time.. ;-)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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