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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 55, Issue 7

Thanks to all for the responses to my inquiry about the use of wood bark in
the aquarium. This reference is very good reading!

The company that offers the wood bark is

I ordered a piece to get a look at it, and it's very lightweight with deep
crevices. It's well dried. It resides in a plastic shoebox with mosses
mosses tied to it. The snails I've put in with it are fine. Next, a small
fish; then, if all's well, into the tank. 

You're right, Stuart, about the moral judgment involved, which is what led
to the question. It looks like it came from a large, old tree. (Well, it is
kinda gray.<G> I wouldn't recognize a tree by it's bark.) I have myself
half-convinced that it is a legit by-product of logging. If it were a
'waste-not, want-not' kind of thing where they were selling bark from trees
felled for other purposes, it could just be good business (and it does fetch
a fair price.) In that case, I don't think it would be a problem. Aaargh,
until I know the origin for sure, I guess I should steer clear of stuff. It
sure would make a sensational aquarium accessory, though.

Best fishes,
Mary Sweeney


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