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Re: [APD] bark and no bite

>>Some online vendors are offering tree bark for aquarium use. Has anyone
tried it? I think it would be magic as a substrate for cling-ons like Javas
and Anubias. Any idea what kind of tree bark is used? Is  it safe?<<

Hi Mary! To my knowledge all bark will float in water. That makes it 
difficult to work with. The type of bark most commonly used for decoration 
is cork bark. Its usually attached to the aquarium walls, or attached to 
heavy rocks to weigh it down. It has a very interesting texture. Its gone in 
and out of favor for use over the years. It involves a fair amount of work 
in flatening it out, and siliconing it to the glass wall. Its perfectly safe 
and contains no toxins or tannin. Phil Edwards a few years back documented 
his use of cork bark in an article on my WEB site.

There are barks you would want to avoid in the aquarium... cedar, which is 
toxic, and pines and other woods that have pitch.

Best regards

Robert Paul Hudson

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