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Re: [APD] Hi! I'm new here!

At 01:57 PM 3/7/08 -0600, you wrote:
>So, Where do I begin?

Get an saquarium, although several are way more fun.

Get a bunch of stuff to putt in the bottom. You can get designer
fancy sediment for the price of cavier or you can use what's
lying on the side of the road pretty much as well.

I stick manure under fine beach sand taken from, well, a fine
ebach near here. You need to let it soak in water for a week
or two first. Some people use leaf mould if you'll be growing
hard to keep crypts. Some people add clay - it all helps but
not one makes an overwhemling difference.

Order some chemicals to make fertilziers tonight. You'll neet
potassium nitrate, Potassium monophosphate, and iron+trace mix
and Magnesium suphate (epsom salts).

(I pretty much ignore the potassium suphate in the recipes, the
amount of potassium you're adding here is so minor it's not
worth doing, there's lots in the other chemicals)

Now you neex lights. Anything fluorescent will work for
some definition of "work".

You WILL want CO2. You could start by experimenting with the
yeast concoctions or you could go straight to the bottled gas.

Now you just need plants, rocks a dsriftwood.

I usually use flourish excel in a new tank just to keep
algae away till the plants get established.

That should do for a start. 

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