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Re: [APD] Anybody heard of this book?

Carol wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone would recommend the book offered on this  site?
> _Aquarium Plants and Aquatic  Plants - Greg Watson's Guide to Dosing

I have it. It is nice for the person dosing thru the Tom Barr Estimative 
Index. Also, I
believe Greg donates 100% of any money received back into the hobby, which 
helps plant tank hobbyists.

FYI, Greg used to sell micros and macros for dosing our planted tanks, but 
has since
passed this business on to Alan Kaufman. The website is 
They offer quantities of chemical such as potassium nitrate, mono potassium 
Plantex, PMDD chemicals, measuring glasses, etc for the planted tank keeper.

This allows us to buy these dosing chemicals in 1 lb. quantities, usually, 
having to buy a 50 or 100 lb. bag that has enough for three lifetimes.

I have been a satisfied customer for several years.

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