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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 55, Issue 2

Carol asked:

>>I was wondering if anyone would recommend the 
>>book offered on this  site?
>>_Aquarium Plants and Aquatic  Plants - Greg Watson's 
>>Guide to Dosing Strateges_ (http://www.aquaticplantnews.com/) 

Hopefully you will get other replies.  However, since
its' my book, I thought I would also reply.

I "sold" aquarium ferts for years when I first started
sharing ferts with my friends.  This book is written for
two purposes.  First, for the person new to the hobby
that is just trying to figure out how to begin the process
of feeding their plants a well balanced diet.

It is based on 5+ years of questions that I received 
day after day ...

The most common problem that people came to me with 
was essentially information overload.  There are so
many different "right ways" to do things, that a lot
of people try one thing one week, a totally different
approach the next week, and then based on the answer
to some question they read, they try something totally
different the following week.  And by the time they 
would get to me, they had tried a lot of different
approaches and were looking for help ...

The guide is designed to help a person make a decision 
about which dosing strategy is best for them and help
them get started in a simple and straight forward manner
that is consistent.

The second goal of the eBook guide is to help support
the hobby.  100% of the proceeds of the eBook go to
support forums, clubs, and hobby associations.  Many
sites have a link to the eBook on their site and if 
you buy through the link, the payment goes directly 
to the site (totally bypassing me).  For example,
you can go to the Aquatic Gardener's Association's
forum and click on the link there and the payment
will go directly to the AGA (not me) ....

Those who know me - know that even when I "sold" 
ferts, I did not do so for a profit and that to the
extent that I did make a profit, it went back to
Support the hobby.  Which is why you used to see me
listed as a sponsor on various forums.

I think the book is an excellent value at $4.95 to
someone who is first getting started out.  And if 
you can find a link on your favorite aquarium plant 
club or forum site, then I also think it is an 
excellent read for a $4.95 contribution to your club
for even the novice hobbyist who has begun to have 
some success.

If you choose to buy it - I hope you enjoy it.


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