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[APD] Sorry on the double post.

Sorry about the double post on the DHMO and BBA.  For some reason my mail
took just that one APD issue out of all the others I get, and stuck it in my
junk box.  Thought my posts had got lost in e-mail hell due to formats or
something ;).

On the BBA, a google on that and H2O2 brings up some hits.. of course Tom
Barr is around in them.  Just a couple of ones top of the list


- For this one, I'd have taking all the plants out and done the H2O2
treatment on them in a bucket instead of dosing the tank. It's not really
nice stuff for fish gills.


But as Tom mentions, good to find the underlying cause.  I have good CO2,
but do still get a small creep of BBA which the SAE's used to keep down
before they got older.  But the spot treatment keeps it down now and any
leaves that get it get trimmed and tossed anyway before it gets much more
than a dot.

On getting KNO3, it's $2.50 for 500g at my hydroponic store.  But I saw 10KG
bags in the back.. didn't ask the price but that's the cheap way to go for
big tanks ;).


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