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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 54, Issue 25

>  On the other hand, salt is sodium and chlorine - two of the most toxic
>  elements, but somehow we manage not to die when we eat it. The
>  properties of individual elements in a compound do not necessarily
>  transfer to the compound.

Fluoride was often used to treat overactive thyroids because it
displaces iodine.  The danger in this is self understood.  And I
haven't yet gone into enzymatic damage.

The body can eliminate salt, as the body ages, fluoride accumulates at
a steadier rate.

>  There are lots of things that are good for you in small doses and toxic
>  at higher doses. I can think of all kinds of vitamins that will kill you
>  at high dosage, but promote health at low dosages. The same can be said
>  for aspirin. Nature abounds with examples.

Aspirin will burn a hole through your stomach if you take an exorbitant amount.

>  I never have dechlorinated my water, even when I used to receive city
>  water. My plants and fish did just fine.

Your fish may not have *died* from the chlorine and chloramine, but
they certainly felt the sting in their gills each time old master
harry caused a ruckus.

>  Let's stick with water. Only about half our population is male.

I was trying to show James that medical institutions, especially
government-run ones, are not even nearly infallible.

>  What kind of blow out? I missed that article.


January issue, 2008.

>  fluoride then, should be safe in small amounts.

Nonsense.  Fluoride is safe in small amounts, as small amounts of
mercury is safe in small amounts.  If you want to make your body
unhealthy, destroy your brain, then any toxic element is safe in small
amounts.  Excessive fluoride is bad for you period.  1 ppm is
excessive keeping in mind that all processed foods are packed with it.
 If you're going to continue to consume these foods (As I do), you're
better off only drinking bottled water.

>  In small or large amounts?

There was an American army general after WWII who was assigned to work
with the Soviets and he writes how he was ordered to deliver large
amounts of fluoride to the Russians, later he realized they were going
to the gulags.  The administration of fluoride made the prisoners
subservient, and took away their will to fight.

>  I don't have the time or expertise to debate chlorine or fluoride.
>  Personally, I don't want to drink spiked water. I stopped drinking
>  spiked water when I moved to Casper now that I get my water from a well.
>  It tastes better. I bottle it and take it to the city with me because
>  city water tastes bad.

Lucky bastard.  Don't get me wrong, I like the taste of tapwater, the
hint of chlorine, I'm not kidding.

>  When I lived in the city, my planted tank thrived on frequent water
>  changes straight from the tap. I never dechlorinated or defluorinated
>  any of it. I have a Madagascar plant that grew like a weed in the city
>  water. I still have that plant and it still grows like a weed in the
>  well water. Quite frankly, I have no idea why the plant continues to
>  thrive. All I know is what I see. My plants thrived on a chlorine and
>  fluoride rich city water supply.

Ok, glad to hear it.

>  I guess the bottom line here is we can debate this issue until the cows
>  come home. What works for some aquarists may not work for others.

There's not much to debate.  Poison is poison no matter how you put it.
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