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Re: [APD] Fluoride

Well, getting back on-topic, here is a Google Scholar link with over 500 
hits on "aquarium fluoride toxicity", only one of which I read.  If 
curious minds need to know - read on.  Since my tank contains plants and 
fish from the Amazon river, I would be interested in knowing the 
concentration of fluoride in the Amazon.  Should you find it.


I have convinced myself that the purpose of periodic water changes (50% 
weekly for me) is to limit the build up of substances that can be 
toxic.  I do filter my drinking water - primarily to get the chlorine 
out and because it tastes better.  I generally filter my top off water, 
but not my water change water.

Now moving back off topic....  I add that I generally reject consensus 
arguments, consensus is opinion, not scientific fact. It is useful in 
management, mostly to cover your ass, but not in science.  Consensus 
gave us a flat earth and man made global warming.  I know this is likely 
to set off another chain of hate mail, but read the below first.  The 
sun heats the earth!


My point being that, when an issue becomes emotional, rather than 
factual, we can argue about it day and night.  I am frequently surprised 
by the adaptability of natural systems.  Consider the creatures recently 
discovered in the Antarctic.  Natural systems seem rather adaptable to me.

Bill wrote:
> Well, in my response to the original post, I'd hoped that I would discourage
> anti-fluoride extremists from starting an argument.  I almost succeeded.
> FYI, the long Scientific American article just repeated minor problems that
> have been long documented.  It did mention that the use of fluoride to make
> baby formula "could" cause problems in brain development in the first six
> months.  Or, it "could not" too, I assume.  The article did not break any
> new ground.  They are going to lose a subscriber if they continue with
> "filler" articles.
> Bill
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