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[APD] The Halogens, was (Re: Fluoride (Harry Martin)

>Fluoride is from the halogen family of metals.  You've got the four.
>Chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and iodine.  Chlorine is safe in small
>amounts and iodine is necessary.  Iodine added to flour but more
>recently replaced by the toxic bromine.

The Halogens are not metals. And there's 5 of them, you forget
Astitine. Everybody forgets poor Astatine.

Iodine is added to salt, I've never heard of it being added to flour.

I Apparantly we evolved for millions of years eating seafood and
have a dietary need for some of the iodine in that stuff and are
prone to getting goitres or thyroid trouble if we don't get iodine as a 
micronutrient. So, they iodize regular salt. Sea Salt already
has it of course.

If you really want to panic over nothing check out the various
levels of cyanide they add to various kinds of salt.

Saying "Chlorine is safe in small amounts and iodine is necessary."
is meaningless. Chlorine, the gas (CL2) is harmful at any level, but
chloride (CL)the ion is essential in the body for digestion - without
it you'd die.

We have no particular need of bromine, but it shows up in medecines
and they do good, not harm.


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