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Re: [APD] Fluoride

I hate to be blunt with you, but the question wasn't about whether
fluoride is safe for humans.

The consensus is already clear, that no - it is not.

Naturally occuring calcium fluride is fine, at safe levels, and some
countries with too much calcium fluoride in their underground water
veins take steps to filter it out.

Fluoride Hexasilicate, the stuff Alcoa used to throw away before they
realized they could make money by poisoning people, is undebateably
toxic, and contains lots of lead and arsenic.

By the way, the American Pediatric Association as warned against using
fluoridated tapwater to prepare baby formula with since the
blood-brain barrier is not fully developed in the infant.

Anyways, this is not the venue for debate, I was just wondering what
the people in the aquaria world though about it, and needless to say,
the bunch of you are misinformed.
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