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Re: [APD] Tight fitting hoods

At 09:56 AM 2/18/08 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm wondering if it is safe to enclose my lighting system inside a tight 
>fitting hood to reduce evaporation and heat loss.
>I have two 48" fluorescent bulbs with the push-on end caps, powered by 
>electronic ballast.
>What I worry about is moisture corroding the end cap connections, and 
>possibly the bulbs shattering and falling into the tank.  Currently, 
>they are above the tank and are separated by the removable plex that 
>separates the two. The wooden cover just hides the bulbs, wires, and 
>other nasty stuff you don't want to see.
>If I was to make a tight waterproof cover that encases the bulbs, can I 
>safely run this without damaging everything.
>I'm trying to slow down the evaporation and heat loss.

I'd want the tank sealed but the tube and ballast vented pretty


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