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Re: [APD] How small is algae?

I believe that Terry B wrote, in part:

"A quick search on yahoo...........a diatom filter is around 100 microns and
the smallest known algae are 1 micron size.  So yes its possible that you
have some that are too small for the diatom filter to remove."

Perhaps a non-quick search would have been better.  Diatom tests filter by
their pores, not by the intact organism which is not present any longer in
geologic strata from which their skeleton tests and fragments are mined.
Pore size is defined on the material.  For Vortex products and most swimming
pool diatom powder as well, the standard pore size is about 1 micron.  That
will allow some organisms of that size to pass initially, but shortly will
capture them quite well.

I've used such for green or gray water for years without issue.  If there
are failures and/or powder in the tank, I would suspect a hole or tear in
the bag/membrane holding the powder in the filter.


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