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[APD] greenhouse fishroom

I'm looking at moving from Phoenix to SW Washington this spring. I'm 
from NW Washington originally, but also lived on the coast in the 
Aberdeen and Naselle areas before and I'm looking for a home with small 
acreage somewhere in that rather large area. I'm looking at different 
possibilities for moving my rather large fishroom. If the home I hope I 
will eventually find doesn't have a good space or enough room to put all 
my tanks in I was considering the option of a greenhouse. I was 
wondering if anyone had tried setting up a fish house in a greenhouse in 
that area or in an area with similar temperatures (about 30 in the 
winter to 70's in the summer) and how it worked out.

On a side note if anyone knows of a realtor in the area that can work 
miracles..... lol

Thanks, Rhonda
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