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Re: [APD] Red Tiger Lotus Bulb

At 10:55 AM 1/31/08 -0600, you wrote:
>I have 3 or 4 Red Tiger Lotus Bulbs in my 90 gallon tank tight now, and they
>are doing terrific.  How can I dry them out or remove them from the tank and
>save them for use at a later time?  They are doing so well that I have gone
>into the tank and hacked off all of the leaves several times so I could get
>some light to the rest of my plants on more than one occasion.  I want to
>remodel my tank and don't want to keep them in there.  I don't want to
>totally loose them since they are a neat plant and sometimes hard to find
>around here.  When I bought them they were in a dry package and looked like
>they could sit on the shelf for quite a while.  Any help you can give is
>always great.

I went through a "lily phase" last year and had tons of the things,
both the arrowhead shaoed leat stellata lilies and the tiger lotus
in both green and red.

The stellata bulbs seem nearly indestructable and even survived the
great thermal accident of one year ago. Not to the lotus bulbs.

As you probably know the bulb sends plants out on runners which grow
into plants which then develop their own bulbs. The runner that
connects the bulb can be cut any time the new plant has more than
a couple leaves.

I'd like to say that you can just cut away the plants from the bulb,
store it in some moist peat moss (the dryness of pipe tobacco is about
right) and that it'll come back just fine when you plant it again.
But I've never done it and I have my suspicions about this. Yes
they do come this way in shipments from the wild, but not all of them

Could you not just trim them back a whole bunch leaving only a couple
of leaves ? In other words is it possible to find another way to do
what you want to do without yanking the bulb?


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