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Re: [APD] Tank backround colour?


I would avoid using a pure black. While your plants will certainly  
stand out, any black fish will be lost... voice of experience speaking  
here. A school of black neons does not mix well with a black background!

Background colors have always been a matter of concern for me. Blues  
do not look natural to my eye. I currently have an 80 gallon with a  
charcoal grey color which has worked well, but in my experience the  
best has been a really dark dark green - almost black, just subtle  
enough not to washout black colored fish. A dark brown looks  
intresting, although I have never tried it.

Just as a side note, I like to use 1/2" extruded foam insulation for  
my backgrounds. If you paint the foam ( use a latex) rather than the  
aquarium, you can easily change colors later - it's also easier to  
paint the foam than the glass! I also use black electrical tape to  
attach the foam. It hides the joint and seals the gap from water  

Hope the info helps,

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