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[APD] Fw: Zucchini and surface scum

Hey everyone,

I've recently gotten a bristlenose pleco and man does he have an appetite!  Each day I put a piece of zucchini in the tank, using one of those suction-cup clips that holds it in the corner of the tank against the glass. Every day he devours it.  

My question is: I've noticed that it looks like there's oily scum on the surface of my tank water now.  It's clear, but I can tell it's there becase it traps the air bubbles that occasionally come out of my filter. (I bubble the CO2 into the filter intake.) It looks like a bunch of kids have been spitting in my tank!

To me this is an aesthetic problem, so I'd like to hear how anyone has dealt with it.  Is it also a fish health problem?

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