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Re: [APD] chelated metals

I believe Wolf Scion wrote this email section below:
> Stuart, thanks for the reply.
> The AquaSafe says: "Substances in tap water that are dangerous to  
> fish are removed or neutralized. Chlorine is eliminated and heavy  
> metals such as copper, zinc and iron are neutralized."
> Then, under ingredients among other things it says: "chelating  
> compounds."

Tetra is just dumbing down a complex subject by saying 'neutralized'.

 > So, it sounds like you're right. AFAIK, most iron plant supplements
 > are chelated anyway, so this product probably isn't "neutralizing"
 > the iron in a way that makes it unusable by the plants.

Not most iron plant supplements, ALL iron plant supplements.
It is toxic to the plants otherwise.
I'm sure a chemist could explain how it is toxic.

I have heard that chelated metals in a tank can become more non-chelated if 
the pH drops <7 I think.

There is more on this subject here if you wish to read:

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