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[APD] another water sprite variety

At the AGA convention a couple of years ago, I purchased a water  sprite that 
was very large leaved.  The individual leaves were about 4 to 5  inches long 
and three inches wide.  The base of each leaf was puffy and  spongy, not 
unlike some water lettuce leaves can be.  This was  definitely not submersible.  It 
was a floating rosette.  I had it in  an old established 10 gallon tank 
floating about 5 inches above the rich mulmy  substrate. Kasselman's book had said 
it liked floating in shallow water  over mud and was very difficult to grow as 
an aquarium plant.  I had the  tank mostly covered with glass to keep up the 
humidity.  It rewarded me  with incredibly fast emersed growth of dense 
branching antlerlike leaves,  filling the entire air space almost up to the glass.  
Then, for no  apparent reason, several months later, it Started to rot away 
and  eventually dissolved into mush.  I would love to try it again sometme,  
over mud, (if I ever see it for sale again).
Carol   < ' )))>< 

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