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Re: [APD] Excel sale at Drs.Foster and Smith

>>Here in Scotland it has to be imported and a 500ml bottle costs $27.
>>A 2 litre bottle costs $88
>Why not ask Greg Morin at Seachem why he does not enter the UK market?

Well, that's not a good sign... we actually are in the UK market. Our 
distributor there is A.L.F. They are actually doing quite well for us 
so I'm surprised to hear there are problems finding product. We will 
follow up with them. If you would like to contact them to find which 
stores in your area they sell to I can provide you contact info off 
list if you cannot locate it yourself already. And BTW, they did 
purchase from us 2 L and 4 L Flourish Excel last year, so it should 
be in the channels.

-Greg Morin
Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Chairman/CEO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM
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