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[APD] Fishless tanks

Richard J Sexton wrote:

< Um, I found a mosquito in the house. A female. It's the middle of January
< and there's
< no chance it came from outside.

I live in a semi rural area outside of Sydney in Australia and I keep a
quarantine tank downstairs in my garage, it's just a 60 litre plastic
garbage bin with a couple of shop fluoro's over it. Recently I've just had
plants in it, but the substrate has been getting stirred up a lot lately by
something. On the weekend I discovered a red bellied black snake using it as
a watering hole, it's been very dry here lately. I left him to his devices
and he left a nice deposit behind on the floor to boot, apparently swimming
often facilitates bowel movements in snakes!

Not surprisingly I've decided to dismantle the tank and forgo any quarantine
procedures for now...

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