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[APD] UV on a new tank

I am setting up a new 180 gal freshwater tank for my discus and plants. The tank will be on the first floor and the sump,filters and pumps will be in the basement the sump (100 gal?rubber?maid tank)?will be to hold more water to increase total water amount and to be a place to put fish if need be, or to grow out plants or any thing else?I need space for. I have a old 100 gal ?long I want to use as the filter I was thinking that the main tank would drain in to the 100 and go threw a few compartments?pre Filter >?gravel >? mud > gravel >?then drain in to the (100 gal?rubber?maid tank) from there pumped back up to the main tank.
Should I use UV sterilizer to help keep the fish healthy from ick and what ever else it will help with?
I have been told using it is good and bad. Does anyone have advice on this with why or why not to use UV in a freshwater tank

Dale In Toledo
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