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Re: [APD] Excel sale at Drs.Foster and Smith

I believe Robert T. Ricketts wrote this email section below:
> Stuart  Halliday wrote, in part:
>> I believe David Grim wrote this email section below:
>>> Hi Everyone, Just an FYI, Excel in the 2 liter jug is $19.95. Just
>>> ordered two of them for occaisional algae control in the 265. Dave
>> May Drs. Foster and Smith rot in hell.... ;-)
>> Here in Scotland it has to be imported and a 500ml bottle costs $27.
>> A 2 litre bottle costs $88
> Why not ask Greg Morin at Seachem why he does not enter the UK market?

I can only assume it is officially imported as Seachem do have a UK 
distributor IIRC.

I suspect the high cost is probably due to weight. The bottle is likely 
being imported intact rather than as a powder and topped up with pure water 
once it's crossed the Atlantic.

I hope it's not another UK V iTunes price fix.

I'll compare prices from Germany, etc. to see if they're lower.

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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