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Re: [APD] Excel sale at Drs.Foster and Smith

Stuart  Halliday wrote, in part:

>I believe David Grim wrote this email section below:
>> Hi Everyone, Just an FYI, Excel in the 2 liter jug is $19.95. Just
>> ordered two of them for occaisional algae control in the 265. Dave

>May Drs. Foster and Smith rot in hell.... ;-)

>Here in Scotland it has to be imported and a 500ml bottle costs $27.
>A 2 litre bottle costs $88

Why not ask Greg Morin at Seachem why he does not enter the UK market?

Are the labeling regulations for fertilizers and supplements there so very
different from US regs?   We do have some highly specific (& in some case a
bit peculiar) label requirements which might not align with ones there.
Alternate packaging for a whole line is no small thing.


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