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[APD] algae

I have a 20 gallon tank with an algae problem. First I don't know what
kind it is. It is like cotton candy, pulls into thin strands when I try
to remove it is on the side of the aquarium with the most water flow.It
is grey green in color. I have been doing 10 % water changes once or
twice a week to change the water, I did some pruning the other day to
try to remove the leaves that were affected the worst.I haven't
fertilized in quite some time I'm afraid it will only feed the algae. I
am using 2 Flora Sun light bulbs on the tank growing low light
plants.The plants all have good color. vals, anubias, crypts, java lace
fern, amazon sword.When I do fertilize I use flourish tablets the gravel
bed and or flora Pride.or potassium tablets.I am running 2 30 gallon
size aqua clear filters with carbon, sponge media and biomodules. 

The tank has been set up for several years, and this is the first
outbreak of this kind. The substrate is mostly a mix of flourite and
regular stone gravel. I could do larger water changes if needed but I
would be concerned for the fish. It would be hard to remove them with
all the vegetaion.Or I can settle with manually remove the algae as it

I'd appreciate your input

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