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Re: [APD] Cryptocoryne spiralis

Hi Ed,

 I just purchased several Cryptocoryne spirals on "Aqua-bid.com" The seller 
is snhchambers at yahoo_com . Her name is Heather and she is in Texas, USA. She 
already told me she had more plants available. I only needed a few for my 
main planted tank. Good luck...

 Tom Cunningham

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> Dave
> I've been looking for some Cryptocoryne spiralis, checking the usual 
> sources on Aquabid, eBay, Yahoo Japan and MSN Japan auctions and some 
> sources in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia which are almost in my 
> backdoor. I'm not finding any of this in the LFS's either. Are there any 
> other plant suggestions for this tank?
>> I'm looking for a large low maintenance background plant that will do 
>> well in this tank and won't grow out of the tank.
>> Hi Ed,
> My planted tank is a 265 gallon, 7' x 2' x 31". Lighting is 3 x 250 watt 
> Iwasaki 6500K Halides. I originally had lots of stems, but they required 
> so much maintenance I revamped about a year ago, and my background plant 
> is cryptocoryne spiralis. It grows to the top of the water column, and 
> requires very little maintenance. Spreads by runners. The only maintenance 
> is every couple weeks you will need to pull new shoots out of areas you 
> don't want the plant in, as it can send runners to the front of the tank 
> from the back. No big deal, however, as you can easily pull them up.
> I have a 7 foot line of them along the back of the tank.
> Best,
> Dave
> Edinjapan
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