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[APD] Cryptocoryne spiralis


I've been looking for some Cryptocoryne spiralis, checking the usual sources on Aquabid, eBay, Yahoo Japan and MSN Japan auctions and some sources in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia which are almost in my backdoor. I'm not finding any of this in the LFS's either. Are there any other plant suggestions for this tank? 
> I'm looking for a large low maintenance background plant that will do well in this tank and won't grow out of the tank.
> Hi Ed,
My planted tank is a 265 gallon, 7' x 2' x 31". Lighting is 3 x 250 watt Iwasaki 6500K Halides. I originally had lots of stems, but they required so much maintenance I revamped about a year ago, and my background plant is cryptocoryne spiralis. It grows to the top of the water column, and requires very little maintenance. Spreads by runners. The only maintenance is every couple weeks you will need to pull new shoots out of areas you don't want the plant in, as it can send runners to the front of the tank from the back. No big deal, however, as you can easily pull them up.

I have a 7 foot line of them along the back of the tank.

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