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Re: [APD] C02 carbo plus vs Red Sea

>>I don't agree with you guys that a CO2 tank is a big expense.   I bought 
from a welding gas supply shop for $60 and refills are $20 for a 20 lb tank
that lasts a long time.  There are several regulators on the market that
aren't fancy - they have a preset outlet pressure (vs. adjustable) with a
needle valve and solenoid valve all in one.<<

How many years ago did you buy this? I bought a ten pounder for around 70, 
and a 20 pounder for 80 something ten years ago. Last year when I went out 
shopping for them again at local welding suppliers I couldn't even get a 
five pounder for under a hundred dollars.   Its all relative I guess. You 
either pay now or pay later. With a paintball system you can get up and 
running for well under $100.  It will cost you five dollars a month for the 
refills.  Five dollars a month  compared to 40-50 dollars a month using 
Carbo Plus.

Robert Paul Hudson
Celebrating nine years on the WEB

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