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Re: [APD] C02 carbo plus vs Red Sea

Terry wrote:
I don't agree with you guys that a CO2 tank is a big expense.   I bought one
from a welding gas supply shop for $60 and refills are $20 for a 20 lb tank
that lasts a long time.

You got yourself a great deal on that 20# tank. I knew someone that sold them 
on the side and $60 is what I paid. I bought two at that price so I would always 
have a back up, since I use a lot in my 265 with a wet-dry. Lot of off-gassing. 
In Atlanta, if you were to walk into any welding shop and buy a tank outright, 
it would cost you $150-$160. I always swap out tanks for filled ones for about 
$15 each. that way you always have a cylinder that is in the system and gets 
water tested when it should.
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