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Re: [APD] C02 carbo plus vs Red Sea

>>Has anyone here had any experience with Carbo-Plus


Red Sea's CO2 System


Pros?  Cons?<<

Carbo plus has been around for about ten years now. I 'm surprised it is 
still being sold, I didn't think anyone was still using it. Nobody talks 
about it any more. Its made in Germany, and imported here. Its very costly, 
the refills  are very costly, and it has severe limitations. You have to 
have hard water in order for it to make C02. The life of the blocks varies 
greatly from 30 to 90 days, and it is really most effective in small 
aquariums... 30 gallon max. and even then the most C02 you can expect to get 
is 10 to 15ppm.

The Red Sea system is a pressurized gas regulator for either standard C02 
canisters or paintball C02 canisters, and includes a powerhead to "spray" 
the C02 bubbles across the tank. Both regulators come with an inline needle 
valve. Its the same regulator, but with different fittings for the paintball 
or standard.

Using a refillable paintball canister is a new  idea that has some 
attractive points to it. You can buy them most any where now, even Walmart. 
Its easy to hook up, safe, and takes up very little space. Its very 
portable. Refills are about five dollars or less. The larger size ones last 
anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Standard C02 canisters 5, 10, or 20 pounds, are 
much more cost effective in the long run than a 22 ounce, but requires a lot 
more money to be laid out in the begining. Standards are 60 to 120 dollars, 
15 to 20 dollars for refills,  paintball canisters are around 10 to 15 
dollars and five dollars for refills.

I have a Taiwan version of the Red Sea paintball regulator for a third of 
the price.

Robert Paul Hudson
Celebrating nine years on the WEB 

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