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[APD] natural rock = Green water

Hi all,

Maybe some of you remember my green water thread a while back where i
just couldn't beat the green water and it was totally baffling.

Anyhow, I went to incredible lengths to beat it.

It was a rock.  I had this cool rock I picked up at the seashore, good
size.  It's been up above water line for some time, then sat in my
back yard.  It's a more or less sedimentary rock. Anyhow, it was the
culprit. I could never, never beat the green water with it in the
tank.  I tried everything from huge constant water changes, to UV and
daphnia.   The it hit me.  The rock was the only thing really
different from when the tank was set up before.

Rock removed. Daphnia (which had been in there for some time already)
cleaned up the tank in a week. Sparkling.

Now I can get on with the business of growing plants.

For those of you trying to raise daphnia, you need my magic perpetual
green water rock.


Adam Novitt

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